Saturday, May 25, 2013

stuff i love saturday: one...

it seems i never get around to blogging on the weekend, which is lame for someone who's trying to be an avid blogger. so i'm attempting a new weekend blog tradition. stuff i love saturdays.  it's similar to the things i like thursdays that i've seen some bloggers do, and rather enjoy reading.

  1. babushka tattoos. someday...

2. cupcake tattoos! i think it would mesh well with my teacup ;)

3. this hair tutorial, which i've been making a lot of use out of the past few weeks!

4. retro style helmets.  i just ordered the second one from biltwell. hopefully it fits/looks good!

5. kit-cat clocks! dominic just gave me the 'approval' to get one. now i need to decide on a room, then a colour! *excited*

7.  dresses with food print on them! i just splurged on the first. i'm yet to wear it, but man, is it pretty!
and really, that second picture, with the tattoos and the hair? LOVE.

8. this bracelet, which is called the "jana" bracelet. if the mint was still available, i'd consider it kismet.

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