Sunday, October 04, 2009

new thoughts

well, after taking an indefinite hiatus from blogging, i'm making a return to the blogging community.  i guess living in a small town again for almost a year has left me with some things to say and new thoughts to share.

i've recently started a new exercise regime as means of filling some newly acquire free time, and i've realized what people say, that exercise is in fact addictive.  i always thought that was rubbish, but i have to agree, the more i exercise, the better i feel and the more i want to exercise.  my friends are now calling me The Pusher, because i'm constantly pushing them to join me.  

part of the reason for my exercising is my [almost] 7 month old pitbull pup, hendrix.  the newest love of my life.  being so high energy, i like to get him out for some good exercise at least once a day, weather permitting... lord knows he hates the rain.  we started walking around sugarloaf (a local mountain), which has a fabulous trail.  in the past few weeks, we've started going up the mountain a few times a week, which is an awesome workout.  i've also realized that my regular runners are not grippy enough for my clumsiness, which leads me to my next topic of the day...

this past weekend, i went on a trail runner hunt, but i refused to by nike... there's some controversy in the air as to whether or not they have renewed michael vick's endorsement contract... vick's agent announced on wednesday that nike has renewed it, but nike said on thursday that they haven't renewed it since they cancelled it in 2007, when vick was conviced for dog fighting charges... however, they do supply him with nike products... either way, being the owner of a pitbull, i now refuse to by nike products.  do you know how hard it is to find good trail runners that aren't nike?? let me tell you, after going to every sports store in Fredericton this weekend, its very difficult.  however, after searching th
e adidas website, i found what looks to be an awesome pair... not the prettiest, i must admit, but i am choosing practicality over style (i know, i know, this is a first for me).  i shall post a picture of them when i receive them hopefully later this week.

so for now, i'll end my thoughts with this little poster i made with a photo of my favourite pitbull on the planet, H-dawg:

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  1. I'd take a lesser pair of shoes any day to make sure I wasn't supporting Michael Vick as well.

    Just noticed that you had a blog link on FB, and thought I'd check you out. Hope you write again soon!

    Come visit me anytime