Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Winter Wednesday: Six

"Winter Wednesday" indeed. We're currently getting hit with a massive winter storm... 40-50cm of snow in 24 hours, followed by 10-15mm of rain, then freezing rain. Welcome to Northern New Brunswick! This is one of those times when I hop on board with everyone else and hate the winter weather. It doesn't happen often. I love snow... just not combined with rain and freezing rain all in one storm. It makes such a mess!

 dress: from melissa (via modcloth/ruche)
capelet: vintage
belt: forever 21
shoes: spring (borrowed from melissa)
tights: target

Today's holiday outfit is a much more casual one. I've been posting fancier ones, and thought I'd post (almost) what I wore to a casual work dinner. This lovely dress, with its antlers, reminds me of reindeer and reinmoose (yes, I did make that up). For this look, I paired it with green tights and a crochet capelet for a more casual, woodsy look. I also wore it with red tights, which did make it feel even more holiday style.

The dress is fine corduroy, which just adds to its winteriness. Layering it with tights and wool makes it perfect for a casual, cabin style Christmas!

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Winter Wednesday: Five

We're already at the fifth edition of this little series I have created... how did that happen so fast?? That means only three weeks left until Christmas! Thankfully I've been pretty much ready since mid-November, or I might start panicking. 

dress & belt: forever 21
tights: walmart
shoes: borrowed from melissa (from Spring)
clutch: target

This was a dress I bought for New Years Eve two years ago. It was a great buy at only $30. We didn't even have plans for NYE when I ordered it... it was an "in case" something came up kind of dress. At the price point, I didn't mind risking it.  I admit, I haven't worn it much. I restyled it last year for a holiday look as well, but I have to say, I'm really liking it with the pop of colour in the red tights! It will definitely be one of my holiday wears this year!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Wednesday: 4

Welcome back to Winter Wednesday! I know I missed the third, but with Monday's "Merry Monday" post, technically we're back on track with the fourth Christmas Outfit post! You may recognize this dress from an earlier post. It was my bachelorette dress. I have to say, this dress was a great purchase! I almost didn't order it, thinking it would be too fancy for a bachelorette party (it wasn't), but I've worn it a few times since! It's so easy to dress up or down for events! I'm very tempted to order another Ophelia dress in either a pattern or another colour. As impractical as it would be with the other choices, the gold version would make a fabulous holiday dress!! 

dress: Lindy Bop
belt: forever 21 (old)
shoes: Ruche (old)
brooch: luxulite

The girlies wanted to make a Christmas appearance on the blog. Sadie Diamond (on the left) is our newest family member. I'll do an official write up on her soon. It's an emotional one, and I haven't had the courage yet to share the story. And Lucy (right) is our lovable "Garfield-ette" kitty.

Ivory, green and gold is one of my favourite holiday combinations. I have this belt and shoes from a previous holiday outfit, which I paired with an ivory Heartbreaker dress. Sometimes it feels like such a splurge to buy event-specific items, but I almost always manage to wear everything again. This outfit is entirely made up of past-event-splurges!

I had to tough it out and wear this outside for some snow pictures. I love ivory, aka 'winter white' with a snowy backdrop. It definitely helps out the overall Holiday look.

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