Thursday, February 17, 2011

tomorrow today...

cardi: costa blanca; top, belt, ring, shoes: ruche; jeans: gap; hair rosette: etsy (rosebudlips)

hooray for new-jeans-day!! my first pair of non-skinny jeans in a LONG time. also the first time i've worn jeans not tucked into my boots in a LONG time. this wasn't my today outfit though... this is my tomorrow outfit. i just got these jeans in the mail today, and couldn't resist putting them on immediately and figuring out my casual-friday outfit. then i wasnt very motivated to put back on my today outfit.

however, tomorrow we have our relay for life zumba party, so there won't actually be any time for a non-zumba photo, so i think it's appropriate for the tomorrow outfit today :)

i'm also going to have a mini vent: WHY oh why did it not say the inseam on these jeans in the description?? and am i that much taller than all the other bloggers out there? yes, i found these jeans via another blogger, and i loved how long they were on her, with platform shoes! so i was excited to get these jeans and wear them with a pair of wedges that are (alas) still sitting in my closet, just waiting for their debut... but nope... simple heels for me in these trouser jeans.

c'est la vie, right?

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