Monday, May 02, 2011

a big day...

dress, cardi, belt: ruche, shoes: aldo, necklace: ae

big day in canada! it was federal election day here!! and of course, i made sure to go out and have my say. it really is a privilege, and i appreciate the women of history who fought so hard for us to have this right... i also think of all the countries where women do not yet have this right, and where the countries themselves are not a democratic country. i truly am proud to be canadian :)

that being said, i'm anxiously awaiting the results of the vote, to see if i won my vote or not!! it's always an exciting/stressful time... when i normally enjoy yelling at the television.

big event in the news: al quaeda leader osama bin laden reported dead, shot by an american troop. i hope this is the truth, or that in the lease, he's been captured, if not dead. i also hope this means our troops get to come home soon, and that so many families and victims can find peace.

to all of our soldiers (and mine in particular): a big thank you for all you do.



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  1. love the look! super CUTE!

    i'm not watching the party never wins!