Thursday, May 05, 2011

is peach my new mint??

its all in the details...

top, skirt, shoes, belt: ruche, cardi: pseudio, watch: guess


is peach my new mint?? i've worn it two days in a row now. AND i think i may get peach nails this weekend!! big step. but no, while it is super pretty, my heart does still belong to mint.

so it's thursday again!!


- being flirted with at work, being completely oblivious to it, and then asking a question about the comment later. and being laughed at. it's 'new shoes' all over again.

- the fact that i just said "new shoes" instead of "nice shoes"... freudian slip?? i guess i think i need new shoes (i actually posted this before realizing my mistake, and then added this awkwardism, because i thought it was too funny and couldn't just correct it).

- someone glancing at my hair yesterday and thinking my blonde chunk was a huge stripe of gray!! i'm not THAT old people!

- my bangs. they're too long to wear down, and difficult to pin back... but i just can't sport the braid every day... what's a gal to do??

- picture this: i have my bosch tassimo coffee maker at work. it's on a little cart in the corner of the kitchen. but the cart needed to be used for something one day. so my coffee maker is on the floor. so i'm crouched down (in heels and a skirt of course), making my coffee on the floor in the corner. and i get busted. awkward!

- my orange juice box being out of date. and tasting it before noticing the date. and the face i made. and the fact that i'm almost 30 and still drink juice boxes at work.


- lobster season. and a fridge that's always stocked.

- getting and expecting ruche orders.

- supernatural last friday night, and the fact that dean named some monsters "jefferson starships"... and the giggles that escaped me every single time he said it. i'll need to buy this season specifically for that episode.

- that tomorrow is the weekend... and HOPEFULLY that means i get to see *him* :) (insert heart shaped eyes here).

- mumford & sons. and the fact that i'm still addicted to them and get excited every time they play on the radio. especially the acoustic and/or live versions.

happy thursday!!



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