Sunday, August 14, 2011

iPhone sunday...

aahh sunday: coffee and mad men in bed. yes please.

my fur babies, chloe and hendrix.

hello from me & henny :)


i know, i've been blog-lazy... again. you wanna hear about my awkward and awesome thursday?? check out melissa's blog. that pretty much sums up thursday! haha minus the fact that i had a hair apt after said incident. pics to follow this week, i promise.

friday was an evening of living room shopping with my rents. they needed the whole kit 'n caboodle, even a new tv. but we did find them a new 3 piece set, 55" tv, and entertainment unit. i even landed a job offer from a designer. am i good, or am i good?? hehe

saturday marked a momentous day: the day i ruined my blackberry, and bought my iPhone. yes, i am in love. the white 4G. oh so pretty.

be warned: instragram and hipstamatic pics will become a regular occurrence now.




  1. you failed to tell me it was white!
    tsk tsk!
    i would have demanded to see it today!
    post a pic of it!

  2. thanks ashley!! i adore my fur kiddos <3