Tuesday, August 09, 2011

murphy's law...

top, vest, belt, shoes: ruche, skirt: le chateau, watch: guess


murphy's law states that whatever i eat while wearing cream on cream will result in spillage on both.
(well, that's how i interpret it anyhow...)

i tend to be a messy eater (hard to imagine right? i'm so classy)... so, i tend to plan my outfits to coordinate with my lunches. makes sense right? cream top = clam chowder, red dress = spaghetti... something along those lines. do i ever spill my lunch on me? very rarely. why should i? it wouldn't be noticeable.

enter honey garlic bbq sauce. i didn't even eat it! i was asked to pass the bottle! what happens? it blobs on my top AND vest. great.

so then i hurry to take my pics, to avoid any further possible stains (both are currently be soaked in some spray 'n wash). then i leave on my white boyfriend tank i had on under my top, and a pair of white board shorts. i know, i know, egad what was i thinking. i was at the cottage. the only clothes i keep there are swim shorts and bathing suits. so, i put on this stunning outfit, eat supper, and voila, no mess. why? because it's bum clothes and it doesn't matter if i stain them.