Wednesday, September 14, 2011

longest week ever...

dress, shoes, bracelet, belt: ruche, sweater: borrowed from melissa (from fredflare), khaki tights: american apparel


i swear this week is in slow motion, and i'm debating the cause:
- last night i had a nail appointment (sorry, i didnt take a pic to post), and my appointments are usually on thursday... so according to my nails it should be friday.
- last week was a short work week with the holiday, so this week seems extra long.
- i haven't seen curtis since the long weekend, and i swear the longer it's been since i've seen him, the more time slows down to torture me.
- i haven't been sleeping well at all, so waking up is brutal and a very long process, and the day drags on because i have the stupids and no energy.
- because i have a hair appointment tomorrow night, and i'm so excited to *hopefully* have hair i like again!

so after that long list.... is it friday yet???


1 comment:

  1. reading all of your long week reasons is making me sleepy...poor you! i hope the rest of it passes fast!!

    yay for new hair!