Monday, October 24, 2011

baby it's cold outside...

dress & scarf: ruche, tights: american apparel, shoes: aldo, necklace: etsy (gift)


today was an exciting day, filled with lots of goodies and surprises! and who doesn't love a nice surprise?? my mother stopped in to visit melissa and drop off a get well card from me... and to pick up some tights from a shared order of we love colors. to my (happy) surprise, melissa added a few extras to my package!! a birthday card (torture) that i can't open until thursday. my birthday celebration isn't on my actual birthday, and she's thoughtful enough to make sure i have a card to open on the actual day. seriously, love this chick.
AND!! the She&Him christmas album came out today!! my fave actress, zooey deschanel, is the singer of this group. and let me tell you, this christmas album is probably the best christmas album i've heard. and that's saying something!! i had a reminder set in my iCal (geek, i know), but before i could order it after work, melissa surprised me yet again by ordering it and giving me a copy. so october 24th was spent listening to zooey's vocals... over and over again.

today's goodies!! with a new ruche dress that arrived too!

normally i'm not a fan of monday's, but today definitely started my birthday week off on a pretty sweet note.


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  1. i'm such a wonderful person OR i'm trying to gain points for something...hmmm...haha, glad you had a great monday!!!