Thursday, October 13, 2011

in keeping with today's theme...

awkward & awesome: rag rolling your hair!

jacket, shoes, dress: ruche (dress borrowed from melissa), tights: american apparel, watch: guess


i'm an avid reader of some of my favourite blogs. lifestyles, fashion, home decor, recipes, crafts... there's so much inspiration to be found! hairstyles included! one of my favourite bloggers, katie, has amazing hair. ah-may-zing. the colour, the cut, the way she styles it. i'd kill for her hair. so i happened to notice a while back she had a tutorial on elsie's blog for rag rolling your hair! and her's is just too adorable. so i tried it out. my plan was to test it out on a weekend, but that just didn't happen. tuesday night i attempted it. well... it was a failed attempt. i woke up wednesday morning, late, since i didnt have to wash/style my hair, and found i had super tight ringlets!! so, i thought i'd wet a comb and try to loosen them. wow. bad idea. BAD. hello white afro. in a bun my hair went.

so, last night, i made a second attempt. brave or crazy? i'm not quite sure. so, this time, i didn't put roll them as tight, or as high. the result? super cute little curls ONLY at the bottom of my hair! i got several compliments today at work. so, when i'm having a super tired night, i'll rag roll my hair so i can sleep in the next morning.

awkward: getting them seriously wrong the first time around.
awesome: comfy to sleep in, cute the next morning.

tutorial can be found here.


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  1. i think i need those tights, and your hair looks fantastic!