Tuesday, October 22, 2013

my stylish 'umbrella'...

Today was quite a rainy day. I thought I was going to luck out, and be able to grab my blog pictures outside, because it seemed to be tapering off... and it was. Right until I was ready to go outside. Not only is it raining, but it's also dark. 6:00pm is now borderline too dark for outdoor photos... so the rush will now be on the second I walk in the door from work.  

However, since I was hoping to get my outdoor photos until the rain picked back up, I decided to use my 'umbrella' for my indoor pictures.  In case you haven't guessed it, I mean my floppy hat.  I used to use an umbrella, but I've turned into quite the bag lady, and I don't seem to have an extra hand to hold up an umbrella... plus my lunch bag, plus my purse, plus be able to open doors.  Those alone are a challenge.  An umbrella would just push me over the limit.  So I've discovered that a floppy hat basically serves the exact same purpose: keeping my hair dry.  And with a free hand to boot! Score!

I'm not sure if any of you face this challenge, but I find below-the-knee dresses are awkward to pair with most tights.  It almost feels too heavy. Which is quite upsetting, because knee-length/just below the knee are my favourite lengths to wear, and with Canadian autumns and winters... well... tights are a necessity.  I was a bit worried about this dress and finding tights to go with it, but it seems that since it's so light and flowy, I don't have that heaviness to it (as I do with Bernie Dexter and Hell Bunny dresses). 

     dress: store in New Orleans (Dollz & Dames)
     cardigan: local store
     belt: from another dress
     tights: H&M
     shoes: Ruche
     hat: american apparel

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  1. Such a pretty outfit! I can't tell what the print on the dress is, but I'm assuming I'd like it :) I totally agree with you about longer-than-knee-length dresses and tights don't mix... I think the solution is nude-colored tights, or white, or ones with designs. Colored ones are too tricky, maybe.

    xox Sammi