Monday, October 14, 2013


     dress: modcloth
shoes: chelsea crew
cardigan: forever 21 (old)
scarf: etsy

This Thanksgiving weekend was a combination of low key and busy... low key in the sense that we didn't venture too far, but that most of our day Saturday was spent finding canning recipes, running to the grocery store for last minute items, and then actually canning.  Our garden produced an abundance of dill and carrots, and so we thought we'd make some spicy pickled carrots.  After finding a recipe, adding a few extra ingredients,  and several hours later, we have 16 jars of pickled carrots.  

 The canning didn't end there. We also decided to freeze our raspberries this year and actually make something out of them.  We ended up with 8 jars of raspberry jam, which we also made yesterday, and then continued on to making some pumpkin pecan jar treats for Thanksgiving dessert today at my parents.  All in all, like I said, a low key yet busy weekend, filled with full tummies.

Happy Thanksgiving to all fellow Canadians!


  1. Ahhh this post is filled with so many yummies!!

    And I absolutely LOVE your thanksgiving look!

    Happy Turkey Day!

  2. I was like, Thanksgiving? And then I saw it was Canadian- haha. I must be tired :) Looks like you had fun, and love the outfit! Alex

  3. This post has actually made me hungry, everything looks delicious. That dress isn't helping either :) you look amazing, love the colour of your tights xo

  4. Belated Happy Thanksgiving! Your outfit is so cool. I love the dress, tights, shoes combo. On the subject of your tights, I haven't been onto your site for a few days and I was so glad that the orange pair has not been retired!! I rally like the new look of your site too. K x