Friday, February 28, 2014

Casual Friday...

While I rarely wear pants, I've been doing my share of pants-posts lately! This has been my go-to dinner and a movie night outfit... minus the shoes, because it's winter, and shoes and snow do not mix.  By the time spring rolls around, I'm going to have an abundance of outfits already planned out with these shoes and purse... I swear, they are the perfect combination. Does that mean I *HAVE* to order the mint green bag to match my mint Iones?? 

blouse, jeans: modcloth
purse: lux de ville
brooch: was my grandmother's
cardigan: local shop

Is it sad that I've already formed a "reliable" outfit with this blouse? With it's so many possibilities?? I feel like I should be switching up the colours I mix it with, yet I've been sticking with red and blue.  This is one of the reasons I started blogging... to make myself more conscious of my style, to force myself outside of my comfort zone, and to force me to switch things up. It's bad enough I have my reliable restaurant choices, I shouldn't have reliable outfits!

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  1. What a great casual outfit! Love seeing the different ways you've styled these items too.

  2. I love to pair a button shirt with jeans. :)

    ~ K