Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Life Lately...

In the past two weeks, my blog has (unintentionally) been on the back burner.  Life in general has been busy, exhausting, and just plain lazy. I got in the routine of taking my blog photos for the whole week on the weekend, due to the fact that when I get home from work, the sun would already be setting... this worked quite well, and I really stopped even thinking of blog posts, as I'd write them all on the weekend and schedule them throughout the week.  That is until the past two weekends, when those have been extremely busy and sporadic.  

In a nutshell, this is a glimpse into my last two weeks... 

A little bit of antiquing, which was actually for work, and I found something perfect... a long awaited girls night out for sushi... a sleigh ride and brunch at a sugar shack (maple syrup!)... started a new tattoo, planning for our 2nd anniversary (which is tomorrow!!)... a whole lot of snow, snow, snow, and napping. 

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  1. Early congrats for your anniversary! :D

  2. My my... you are a busy girl! Beautiful tattoo and sleigh rides sound amazing! Gah! What a cute little bloggy you have. Adorbs!