Monday, May 26, 2014

Go-to skirt with a daring top!

This is such my go-to skirt. I wear it with everything. Especially when it seems that I'm not sure what else to wear with a top / dress, I'll automatically pair it with this skirt. This sweater was no different. I was so excited when it arrived, but I was wondering how to style it. Obviously, this skirt jumped out (not literally).  

cardigan: ebay
skirt: modcloth
shoes: old navy

I've been dying for a Dita cardigan for quite some time... but the price tag on it is definitely not in my budget.  It's rarely on sale (although I am consistently stalking it, just in case), and it's impossible to find second hand, which I completely understand. If I had one, I definitely wouldn't want to part with it either.  I saw someone else wearing this cardigan, and when I found out it wasn't an authentic Dita, I was shocked. From far, it definitely has that look.  Granted, the black roses are not embroidered on... it's a silk-screening.  But for the price ($30!!) I had to check it out.  

I'm not condoning knock-offs. However, like any other designer out there, there are always cheaper versions available. I try not to buy those cheaper versions, as it does take away from the originals. But honestly, I can't afford a $200 cardigan, and even if I could, I couldn't justify paying it at this point in my life. So, yes, I jumped on this sweater. And I love it.  The quality is decent, and if it came in other colours, I'd buy those too!

 I'm trying to get used to the keyhole front. I thought you could actually button it closed, and some people just choose to wear it open.  Not so.  I'm not used to showing cleavage (I've mentioned that in a few past posts as well), but I have this rule: you can show a bit of cleavage, or some leg, and still remain classy... as long as it's one or the other.  So, with a full skirt, I think the sweater is okay.

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  1. I can see why this is your "go to" skirt... it literally would go with everything. Doesn't it just make life easier! Lol. Love this look and sometimes you just have to buy "knock off" versions. Don't feel too bad about it.

  2. I totally understand getting knockoffs, thats why they are made because not everyone can afford $200 cardigans or not feel guilty buying them. I think its a darling outfit! Its also good to know that the keyhole doesn't close, I also thought people purposely left it unbuttoned also!

  3. A black full skirt is always a go-to one in my book. You look fab! That is a good rule too to show one or the other. It is all about balance.

  4. You look gorgeous, and red is such a great color on you. I'm right with you on the knock-off front and I always feel conflicted. Frankly, I'm sure the quality is great with a real Dita cardigan, but I could neither afford nor justify that price tag, either. This really does look like the real thing from far away, and for $30, I'd totally buy this, too. Plus, I agree with you on the balancing covered up vs. bare front -- it's kind of like the same as the rule of proportions (if one part is billowy and flowy, the other part should be fitted) -- you can totally show off one bare aspect and stay classy, as long as you are well-covered in the other. You definitely nailed it, and even the top doesn't look at all too bare on you!

    xox Sammi

  5. I definitely have the same rule in place about cleavage and leg, if there's too much of both I just feel way too uncomfortable. I love all the outfits you come up with in that skirt. I can't blame you for getting a knock-off because $200 for a cardigan is just really unrealistic for most of us. You look darling in this whole ensemble, dear <3

  6. Love this combo and those shoes are killer! Alex

  7. Fabulous cardigan. I want one - at that bargain price! Kx

  8. Oh wow- that is a super cute top. Love your styling!