Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Twelve

Today is my last Wedding Wednesday. It's crazy to think that already it's been 12 weeks that I'm engaged! While there's still next Wednesday before the wedding, next week I have a great group of girls who will be doing guest posts while I prepare for our wedding on June 28th.  I could schedule a post in advance, but I feel like ending it with this post is the way to go, as it's such a special one for me.

As promised, today's post is a detailed description of my bachelorette weekend.  It was such a thoughtful weekend, filled with amazing memories, and as I've already said, I'm so touched by all the surprises these girls had planned for me!

Friday night, a few of the girls arrived at my place for a sleepover.  Melissa made the cutest banner that said Cheers Bitches, little gift bags for all the girls, and some snacks.  I wasn't allowed to know the details, but I made some sangria to test out my giant mason jars, and had the popcorn all ready for some eating! The girls arrived, and had a few things planned. We started with a quiz of 15 questions Cassandra had asked Dominic, and I had to match his answers. I was pretty stressed... a quiz I couldn't study for?? Blasphemy! But I did pretty well, even adding in laughter exactly where he had in his answers (Q: What is your favourite meal Jana cooks for you? A: Ha!! I don't cook... and then we both answered cookies!). They had another "game" where the girls all wrote date (and sex) suggestions and put them in a jar. I read them out loud, and told some stories along the way.  Last, they each bought me some undies, and I had to guess which were from whom.  It was pretty funny, especially with some granny panties making an appearance!

We went to bed fairly early, knowing the morning would make it's appearance sooner than later.  One of the girls spilled the beans the night before: we were off to Quebec City in the morning! That's about a 6 hour trek from here.  So, we got up early, prettied ourselves, and off we went. We picked up two more girls on the way, and made our way to the city.

Once there, the first stop was this amazing Fudgerie.  It's a 300+ year old building. The owner/fudge maker gave us some history of the building, and let me take a picture with him where the fudge is made! He even gave Dominic and I a little gift to open together. We all loved the fudgerie. We sampled, we shopped, and boy did we spend! 

After the fudgerie, we went for dinner at l'Academie... one of my favourite restaurants from when I lived in Montreal.  We wined, we dined, and we shared a free piece of cake (as a bachelorette, you get lots of free goodies! Ladies, tell everyone, everywhere, that you're getting married!!).  When my cake arrived, the girls sang a "Happy Birthday" version, but Happy Bachelorette... it was pretty embarrassing, but so awesome. Definitely a fun memory to the day!

Off we went to our B&B in Old Quebec. It was a cute little spot in a gorgeous area! We dolled ourselves up, and the girls dressed themselves in mint & peach for my soiree (my wedding colours!!). Sophie decided that since I'm pretty shy and wouldn't be up for dressing silly or daring challenges and tasks, she'd do it for me. She declared herself my "bitch" for the night, and any bachelorette tasks that would assigned to me, she would do instead.  To her dismay, I didn't end up with many tasks, but we all had a blast that she did that none-the-less.  We found a Burlesque bar, and spent our night in there! We danced, we sang, I ended up on stage with other bachelors and bachelorettes, where we had to have a dance off to earn our celebratory champagne (you can be sure I earned mine!).

The morning found us bright and early... with the sun shining, and a beautiful day ahead for traveling back.  Some were a little under the weather, but I was basking in my little adventure and loving every moment!

We blew bubbles, we sat in the sun, then we started our way back. Breakfast, shopping, and our drive home. A weekend of unforgettable memories, being spoiled by amazing ladies, and being truly touched by their kindness.  I've made some true friends along the way... some since junior high, high school... some since meeting Dominic and joining his group of friends.  I find myself surrounded with genuine people, and I'm truly blessed because of it.

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  1. Oh wow. What a great group of friends and great memories!

  2. That sounds like such a great bachelorette party and so unique! I love the idea of a whole weekend away with adventure.

  3. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend with some truly lovely friends. I love all the photos too c:

  4. I wish we could go and do it all over again!!!!