Thursday, July 31, 2014

Fireweeds & Flowers in my Hair...

This is one of my favourite dresses. It was one of the first "pricier" dresses I treated myself to. I tried to wait for it to come on sale, and it just didn't seem in my favour. Finally, one day, I splurge and hit the checkout button. I've posted it a few different times, but really, I wear it often. It's a dress that I don't like in the winter, because it's so long and flowy, I feel that tights ruin the look of it. And it's so great on it's own that I rarely add much to accessorize it... maybe a belt, maybe a brooch... a cardigan if it's cold. 

dress: hell bunny via modcloth
shoes: ruche (old)
belt: from another dress
sunglasses: amazon

Today was one of the days I felt the need to post it. I still didn't really remix it compared to my usual styling, but I did opt for a couple of purple orchids in my hair and pink lipstick. When I mentioned wanting to post some photos of it on my blog, Dominic immediately spotted these wild fireweeds in our backyard and said how they'd go perfectly with my hair-flowers. He's such a smartie!

He was absolutely right. The flowers not only matched my hair flower, but perfectly complimented the green of the dress. I had a lot of fun posing in the tall flowers... even with the abundance of bees around me. I just want to put on all of my pastel, flowy dresses and go walk through these flowers! 

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  1. You look dreamy. Sometimes, even if they aren't as remixable, you have to splurge for the dress. I've a similar gingham one from Hell's Bunny that sees a lot of use.

  2. Precious! The dress is a great shape and color.

    Little Gold Pocket Watch

  3. Love the retro style of this dress, and the color is perfect for summer :)

    Daydream Frenzy

  4. The color of that dress looks so good with your hair! Also, I love your tattoos :)

  5. Love this dress on you girlie! The cut and color is amazing!!! Beautiful as always!

  6. So glad I found your blog, it's a beauty! This dress is so pretty, but I can't over the shoes. They must go with nearly everything :) Can't wait to see more from you!

    <3 Megan