Monday, July 28, 2014

Red Marilyn

This past weekend, we attended our first wedding as Mr & Mrs Doucet. I'm not going to lie. I quite liked it. I love any chance to be introduced as his 'wife'. I also just love having our 'firsts' as a married couple. 

dress: modcloth via swap
shoes: modcloth
pearls: gift
sunglasses: amazon

I almost didn't wear this dress, because I felt I was *maybe* too fancy. Is there even such a thing?? To most people, probably. To me, not so much. Wearing dresses everyday makes it a challenge to wear one to 'dress up'. What most people would wear out, I wear everyday. So, while I risk being over-dressed, I end up feeling more comfortable because I actually get to dress up.

I'm sad I didn't have time to take these photos before the wedding. My hair was pretty freaking amazing. It's not often I have honest-to-goodness good hair days, but that was one of them.  My curls were cooperating, and they were so perfect with this dress. And this dress. Wow. "Oh wow" was the reaction I got when Dominic came home and found me all dressed and ready for the wedding. That's when you know a dress is a keeper.  I found this dress in a swap group. Brand new, with tags!! I'd been wanting one for some time! Granted, I thought I wanted the ivory or the light blue... but the red is SO fun to wear! 

I called this post Red Marilyn because this dress is such a Marilyn Monroe dress, except in red, not white. Paired with pin curled hair and heals, not to mention twirls and the wind catching it... It's just such a Marilyn outfit! But in red instead of white. I'm considering cutting my hair to my shoulders, so that when it's curled, it's shorter and more Marilyn-esque. I'm hoping I'll be brave enough to actually cut it at my next appointment... so far, I've chickened out! 

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  1. You look beautiful (and this is definitely a Marilyn dress)!!

    xox Sammi

  2. What a beautiful dress for a wedding! I get what you mean. I wear dresses 90% of the time so what to some may be too much is what I wear everyday so to REALLY dress up is actually a challenge. I cut my hair short and am still trying to figure out how to do the Marilyn hair ;)

  3. Beautiful dress on you! Love your hairstyle too. And never be afraid of being too fancy! :)

    Little Gold Pocket Watch

  4. You look amazing, that dress is perfection on you. I have a similar one and love it dearly.

    Love, Bunny
    A Retro Rabbit