Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trivial Pursuit Pie Dress...

Lately, I'm on a tight budget. Between the wedding and upcoming honeymoon, spending has been a no-no for me. However, with the ModCloth 70% off sale, I did do a little splurging. A girl has needs, right? I had my eye on this dress since it came out. Why? It's the exact same style as my beloved Pie dress. Knowing a dress fits you like a dream is a hard thing to pass up, especially when it's in such a fun pattern!

dress: modcloth
shoes: bait footwear
belt: target
flower: vintage box 1947
necklace: kate spade

This dress makes me want to have a Trivial Pursuit party! While there's definitely more pieces to the pie in this pattern, it reminds me of the pie in Trivial Pursuit. Thankfully, it even with all of the extra colours, there's still only one dreaded Orange slice (sports), which is practically the bane of my existence... at least in Trivial Pursuit definition.

I've worn this dress a few times since receiving it, and this is one of the ways I styled it. I also paired it with my teal Chelsea Crew shoes. I'm pretty matchy-matchy, as I'm sure you've gathered, but it was fun to add a splash of colour with this dress, and it's actually the same teal that is in one of the pies!

Also, in other 'exciting' news, I chopped my hair off last weekend! I know I mentioned thinking about it some time ago, and it stayed with me. My ends were in terrible shape from having done the ombré a few times to it. I kept the length, not wanting to admit defeat, and then for the wedding. It was time to chop it off. So far I'm liking the new length. I can still do a lot of my old styles with it, and it still has a similar overall look to it. So much so, in fact, that I might end up cutting even more at my next appointment. 

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  1. I too just bought that dress in Modcloth's sale! Anxiously awaiting it's arrival. I sure hope it's as cute on me as it is on you!

  2. So cute, Jana! I actually like this on you better than when I've just seen it on a dress form. The colors are great!

    xox Sammi

  3. Ha! It does remind one of Trivia Pursuit! How fun. All the colors go so well with your hair; you look lovely.

  4. Trivial Pursuit is exactly what I thought of when I first saw this dress! I love the way it looks on you! Really adorable :)

  5. lovely dress!! And 70% off!? You would be mad not to buy it!

  6. I love your hair and this dress is just too perfect! The colors are just so lovely.