Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Annual Birthday Wishlist

It's that time of year, where my birthday is making it's way closer and closer!! So as per tradition, I like to do a little wishlist of items I'm coveting.

Fun accessories from ModCloth!! 1 / 2 

A flamingo purse... because who wouldn't want one??

Lindy bop Ophelia in polka dot?? Yes please!!

 A long sleeve floral shirt dress. I've been coveting the light blue/yellow floral forever (also available here), but she's pricy. The lindy bop navy floral is a great option for fall and winter!! 

I'm about to upgrade my phone, so a new iPhone case would be nifty!! Blue rotary style to match my blue rotary phone at home?? Fun! And a new Michael Kors wallet clutch is definitely a must for work! 

This lighthouse dress is just so adorable!! 

Bait Ida's in navy patent!! OOooOohhhh!! 

And this Collectif coat (not yet available) is simply stunning! I almost bought the taupe version of this last winter, hesitated, and missed out. Now I'm so happy I didn't buy it, because this green would definitely make me envious!!! 

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  1. Ah my birthday is coming up too and what I wouldn't give for a pair of bait shoes!