Monday, September 29, 2014

Roadside Attractions...

The pattern on this dress definitely suits the name of it... Roadside Attractions. Vintage diner signs, campers, dinosaurs... this dress is just filled with awesomeness. This is another one of Melissa's dresses, and I'm impatiently waiting for the day she tires of it. I absolutely love the pattern!

dress: modcloth (borrwed from Melissa)
shoes: bait footwear

I almost styled this dress with my B.a.i.t. Ida's, which would have also looked fun, but I chose my Blue Dennise's instead. It seems so easy to accessorize with red, it's a go-to colour for me, so sometimes it takes a bit more effort, but I like to pull a different colour instead. 

I feel like this dress definitely suits September, and it's a great dress to be wearing as this month ends. Switzerland, Italy, and now Texas... it's definitely a month of traveling, even if it's not road trips... Let's hope I run in to a dinosaur on one of my travels soon!! 

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  1. How FUN! That dress is killer. I love how the blue in the dress and shoes makes your red hair just pop too. So beautiful! I've also enjoyed looking through your wedding photos so much too-what a gorgeous affair! I totally with I could steal some ideas from you around four years ago...haha

  2. I look at your dress and think "I'VE BEEN ON THAT ROAD!" A road trip a few years ago took us to Gallup New, Mexico (okay, actually, it took us to the unincrperated town half on and half off the reservation in AZ, but Gallup was the nearest actual town), and drove down the old Route 66. Sure enough- lots of weird dino statues and very outdated/ promoting stereotypes about teepees and such (I don't think Zuni, Navejo or Hopi in the area even used Tipis but I could be wrong). It was still quite fun though and so is this dress!

    Have safe travels around TX!

  3. That is such a cute and quirky dress! I love it!!!!! You look gorgeous!