Friday, October 03, 2014

Snap Happy!

This dress is the cutest dress. The colours in it scream autumn, which is perfect because it's a tad on the short side, so without tights it definitely wouldn't be in my comfort zone.  

dress: modcloth (borrowed from Melissa)
tights: walmart

Before the honeymoon, I was having some packing issues... I couldn't decide what to bring, and so Melissa generously offered up her closet to me. I borrowed more than I took, such as this dress... while it's super cute, it didn't feel "honeymoon-ish", and as I mentioned, I definitely wouldn't be able to wear it without tights. So it stayed here in my closet... but while it didn't make the honeymoon, it's definitely making the blog.

She actually has this dress up on her swap board, and I have to admit, I'm about ready to offer to buy it off her hands. I hesitated because of how short it is, but it's definitely fun with tights, and with the colours in it, it'd be so fun to mix up with different colours!

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  1. OMG! It's an amazing dress, and it's even more amazing with bright red tights (but then you are the Queen of coloured tights!). I know what you mean about the length though: I would be exactly the same. Karen x

  2. I had this one too, but it looks sooo much better on you than it did on me! It was very short on me, as well. I ended up selling it. I love the print, but the shape was surprisingly unflattering on me. So sad. But I love how you've styled it with the tights!

    xox Sammi

  3. A fun print. Glad it made it to the blog.

  4. That dress looks amazing on you and pairs perfectly with those tights!


  5. That print! Its SO adorable!
    xo Hannah

  6. I love the print so much! That dress is the perfect cut and I bet it will be fun to remix with different tights. I love how Swedish Hasbeens can totally transition through the seasons with tights and socks too. Super cute, girl!

  7. This is one of my favorite dresses of all time, and it looks fabulous on you! You gotta own it.