Sunday, October 26, 2014

Snow White...

With Hallowe'en just around the corner, the ladies at Flock Together suggested a Group Roundup for Hallowe'en costumes or inspiration. My favourite costume was Snow White, which I dressed up as several years ago. Granted, my then-costume was store bought, and quite risque compared to this one, but I just loved the concept. This year, I thought it would be fun to pull together a costume from clothes in my closet. I love the idea of being able to dress up without having to spend money on a costume! 

dress: birthday gift from melissa (modcloth)
shoes: bait footwear
shirt: modcloth
cardigan: local shop
belt: from another dress
wig, headband & stockings: from my old Snow White costume

For this look, I wore a new dress (post to come on this dress later this week!) as a skirt. I do have a blue skirt, but it wasn't as bright as this dress and didn't have the same effect. I layered a yellow top over it, and folded my shirt to the desired length. I added a belt over top to define the top/skirt. Added a red cardigan to hide the blue sleeves of the dress that peaked out from the top, my white stockings, and red B.a.i.t. shoes.  

For my hair... I'm not going to lie, I'm tempted to dye it dark. I almost did, but I wanted my red hair for my planned actual costume this year (which may or may not happen, who knows). Luckily, I still had my black wig, so that was an easy fix!

Add a bit of white highlighting powder (or a lot, if you're not as naturally pale as I am) over your face, a bit of blush, black eyeliner and red lipstick, and you're done! Snow White! To see the other girls Hallowe'en ideas, fly over to Flock Together now! 

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