Friday, November 07, 2014

Cherry Gingham...

Red vintage gingham. Cherry luxulite. Need I say more? These two just seemed to arrive in the mail at the perfect time. I had been eyeing luxulite brooches for months. It seemed like I just missed out on the ones I liked the best, and I couldn't seem to grab any in the shop updates that I loved. Either they sold out too quickly (because really, these just fly out of stock), or I didn't like them as much as previous styles. Finally (FINALLY!!) I got one! 

dress: borrowed from Marisa
brooch: Luxulite
belt: from another dress
shoes: Ruche (old)

I absolutely love being a part of a swap-blog. It's so fun to borrow clothes, style them up in an original way and share it with the readers. It's a great way to show off remixing, which can be so difficult with items sitting in your closet. It's easy to have your go-to look with an article of clothing... but borrowing someone else's clothes? Then it's easy to create a new look, especially when your styles are so different.  That said, it's also devastating at times. I've fallen in love with some of these articles of clothing that I've borrowed. Mailing them back is complete torture.

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  1. Oh, how gorgeous! I love this dress, it's so cute! Swap-blogging sounds fun - but I would never be able to part with a dress I'd fallen in love with.

  2. Awww Jana, you look so cute! I always mix out on Luxulite, too (and I don't love the style of some of them -- I like them on other people, but they just aren't for me -- but this one is so cute!). Marisa's dress looks darling on you, as well. And gosh, the snow looks so beautiful outside! So picturesque.

    xox Sammi

  3. Loveeee the cherry brooch. It's just perfect with the vintage red gingham!