Thursday, December 30, 2010

for the love of... mint

sparrow earrings: birthday gift from melissa nail polish: joe rosebud hair clip: rosebudlips rosebud necklace: lovestitched clothing: top right to bottom: ruffle sweater: gap, zip up: bench, cardigan: costa blanca, tunic: vera moda, dress:
ruche , tank tops: pseudio and aritzia, camera: gift from melissa bow: new product at ruche

so, first off, i'm starting a "for the love of" topic... which i'll try to do once a week. i'm thinking since i really, as in seriously this time, would like to blog EVERY DAY, i need some themes to keep me going (feel free to help me with ideas).

today is for the love of mint. as in the colour. i cannot possibly make you understand my love for mint. no matter what i see, if it's mint, I MUST OWN IT!!! for months, i was obsessed with finding a mint cardigan. guess what i found three weeks ago?? a mint cardigan! i cannot begin to tell you how stoked i was over this. and now i really need to find mint shoes. i actually found a pair i love, but i'm pretty sure the heels are too high even for me. they're, like, 4" +... umm.... me + 4" heels + NOT sitting the entire time = injury. for certain.

i was also obsessed with mint green nail polish, which melissa found for me and i sported over the holidays. and chipped the first day i had it on. i reapplied it after 3 days, and still 2 days later i was completely ashamed to go to my esthetician with it still on my nails. i probably turned seven shades of red. but today's topic isn't red! it's MINT!!!

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  1. I'm new to your blog...I saw your comment on The Daybook and thought I'd bop on over to your blog and say a quick hello!

    <3 Ashley