Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"those girls"

"those girls"... you know the type... the ones you see having a major melt down and you say to your friend "looks like she just broke a nail," and have a chuckle. the kind that when they do break a nail, it really is a crisis, because alas, you just cannot hide it. it's on your hand, always visible, always out there. you call, text, facebook, and/or email your esthetician explaining your dilemma, and please, oh pretty please, can't you just squeeze me in to fix this gawd-awful sight??

yes readers, i'm refering to "that girl"... or as i like to refer to her, ME. after turning 29 in october, it dawned on me that i'm turning 30. and i mean literally after turning 29, as in the next day. i decided there's some things a girl really should do before turning the big 3-0. like learn to pamper herself regularly... get her nails done. and so i did. and my first time was pretty nerve wracking. i had french tips in a soft mauve colour, with a little line of silver sparkles underneath. boy did i feel rebelious. i chose a "subtle" colour for my first time, which matched a lot of my vintage-inspired clothes that i love so much. well i was hooked. you think driving and texting is bad?? please. driving and looking at your newly polished fingernails is way worst. i now try to book my appointments at night, to be a safer driver.

i just had my nails done for the 4th time, and i'm just in love. it was as stressful as always, which colour to pick, what style to do. i decided to be a bit more daring, with some new years blitz... and if one of them break before my next appointment, you may hear me scream from wherever it is you are. because yes, it would be tragic.

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  1. at first i was thinking...pretty nails...but now i'm thinking that i turn 30 in 20 days! please hold me while i vomit, thanks.