Friday, February 25, 2011

awkward & awesome friday...

welcome to awkward & awesome friday. this great blog i read has awkward & awesome thursdays, which i look forward to every week and decided it's so AWESOME that i must steal it... however, fridays have recently become the most horrible day of my week, and so mine will be awkward & awesome fridays.


-walking out of the bathroom with your dress tucked into your tights. oh yes, this does actually happen to real people, not just the blooper reels on television. fortunately: this has not yet happened (*knock on wood*) at my current place of employment. lets hope i never forget the incident, and always remember to double check the dress/tights situation.

-in relation to the above comment, i did manage to get the bottom of my hipscarf (for zumba class) somehow tucked up into the bottom of my tank top at class on wednesday... thats talent. no, i did not notice before strutting my stuff in the front row.

-getting the headset caught in my hair every time i try to take it off.

-have hermione-granger-like hair.

-sending a text to the wrong person. especially when venting to bff about said person. (i'm a real class act).

-walking into door frames... clearly 36" of open space isn't enough for me to clear.

-walking around a corner (after the door frame incident), being in the moon, and getting a scare when i see my boss there... and yes, doing my little jump/foot dance/hand to the heart smooth-move that i mastered.


-good morning/good night texts. they give me the warm fuzzies first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, while being tucked into my cozy bed. please don't stop sending them :)

-when an item i was watching comes back in stock. instant happiness.

-a new work space and desk at work. where now i can see out the office door and smile-and-wave every time someone passes by, and vice versa. so fun.

-vanilla bean noel bath & body works hand sanitizing lotion. especially when the smell drives my office-mate bonkers and annoys him to pieces. love it. it's now my blackmail.

-vampire diaries. especially last night's episode when damon acts nonchalantly when catherine attempts to seduce him, then pushes her off of him. i laughed a little. okay a lot.

-bosch coffee maker. starbucks via coffees. starbucks syrups. in my kitchen at work. yum.

-my hermione granger hair. messy is fun.

happy weekend!! i hope everyone else also gets blizzard warnings and canceled plans, again...



  1. Awh, I love goodmorning/goodnight texts. (:
    And as far as the dresses and tights situation...let's just say I learned my lesson on thataone last week, at work. :/
    You're not the only one!

  2. what syrups do you have?
    i never use mine