Saturday, March 05, 2011

awkward & awesome friday...

every 'party' requires food! even zumba parties!

annie & i... twins! (not planned)

i instructed a few dances with annie... waka waka time for africa! and of course, i have the wrong leg lifted.

annie getting a few of us on stage... i didn't know this one.

last dance of the night before cool down... all the relay zumba girls!

group photo of most of the participants! thanks ladies!!

we'll pretend its friday, since yesterday i didn't get around to blogging. sorry peeps! had the zumba party, since the original date/time was postponed due to one of our many many storms!


-practicing a zumba dance for week, having no problem while watching the video, then getting confused with the steps/timing with the song on my ipod. reason: i was listening to the wrong song and didnt realize it. go me.

-thinking someone said hi to me, saying hi "back" and then making small talk. key word: thinking. the "hi" was to the person behind me, who i didnt see, because my eyes are in the front of my face.

-talking to myself (habit) and having someone think i was talking to them, and them giving me a big long explanation in response.


-surviving until the end of the zumba party. seriously, i was expecting to collapse.

-saturdays: sleeping in, being lazy (albeit sore).

-receiving an order in the mail from ruche that wasn't expected for at least another week. (downside: its the second order i placed 10 days ago, which means order #1 is probably at the border).

-the veggie dip annie made yesterday for our zumba party. sooooo good!!

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