Wednesday, March 09, 2011

for the love of twirling....

cardigan & belt: ruche, skirt: yesstyle, shoes: aldo, tank: pseudio

twirling = happiness, right? right. in my bubble, it definitely equals happiness. it makes me feel extremely girly; it makes me smile; it makes me get dizzy and lose my balance; it makes me laugh. this is the reason i bought the skirt i'm wearing today. simply because it twiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls.........

sydney from the daybook posted pictures about this skirt and how it twirls a few weeks ago, and that was it. i HAD to have it. (okay, i admit, i HAVE to have a lot of things... but really! it twirls!). so i bought it, and it arrived yesterday (along with mint shoes!!)

today was basically a day of twirling. it started out at 8:00 am when i arrived at work, put on my heels (and took off my splash pants because it was freeeeeezing outside today)... yep, i twirled. and then i twirled four more times. melissa then texts me asking how many times i twirled so far. does the girl know me, or does she know me?? then i proceeded to twirl throughout the day. at the end of the day, i was at a total of 19 twirls. that, to me, was a pretty odd number, so i decided one more twirl just to make it 20.

and then i got home. and needed twirling pictures. and twirled at least 10 more times, give or take 10 times extra (give, not take)... so, we'll say i twirled somewhere between 30-40 times today.

pretty sweet day, if i do say so myself (which i do).


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  1. cutest blog post ever you twirl fanatic! :P

    outfit looks great by the way!!