Thursday, March 10, 2011

awkward & awesome

i dont like having my picture taken AT ALL! ha

on melissa: dress: ruche, bracelet: gift (from me! - tiffany's)
on me: top & skirt: le chateau, belt & ring: ruche

photo above is taken from a quick visit to my old work place! it was so nice seeing everyone! i miss it there... i used to dance all the time with the girls. i went in today, had a quick lunch, with a tim hortons treat from my old boss, danced/shook my tushy, little bit of gossip, caught up on the latest news. seriously, i miss them. and i miss my old office mate. we be stylin together.


- the way i carry on when there's a camera in my face. seriously, could my smile BE any bigger?? could my poses GET any dorkier??

- getting caught by the vice-chairmen at work hopping up and down, squealing about my new shoes, with one beige shoe on, and one (new) mint shoe. professional.

- getting caught a lot on the zumba party video when i didn't realize i was on video. it takes effort to look graceful peeps, and even then, i don't succeed...

- hardcore shaking my tushy at zumba when i think only a few of the girls i know can see me, and being caught by others too. haha oopsie!

- being at the old job, in the office with melissa and my two ex-bosses, and being the only one without an iphone. this may not seem awkward to you, but trust me, it is. my poor bb.


- twirling!!! (see yesterday's post for full details and count!)

- tim horton's treat thursday at my old work, then casually hinting for melissa to text the boss to hint at bringing extra treats for me since i was surprising them with a visit! haha yummm

- visiting the old job and having everyone be excited to see me. seriously, i felt loved. it was good stuff.

- mint shoes!!!!!!!!! need i say more??? AWESOME!!!!

- getting parcels, not bills. fun.

- knowing that there's a piece of birthday cake waiting in the fridge at work for me for my breakfast tomorrow, since i had to leave early today and missed the cake.

- that i have a date with melissa tomorrow!! and i'm going to get all dressed up for her, and tempt her to grab my ass from across the room, even when it isn't physically possible... just because i know her tricks.


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  1. that pic is freakin' hilarious (the one of you and i)
    it looks like you just picked me up from the dentist and my mouth is still frozen....and my eyes are crossed...and i'm slightly stoned...