Friday, March 11, 2011

happy mail

mint shoes: yesstyle

skirt: yesstyle

above items: ruche :)

a downside of adulthood: mail = bills. period. i can't tell you how many times i've dreaded going to the mail for lack of anything encouraging. that was until i discovered the joys of online shopping. now with the bills comes the excitement of the possibility of a parcel! parcels = happy mail. it doesn't matter how big or small. i'm currently waiting on some tinted burt's bees lip balm to arrive... very small package, but i will still be crazy happy when it arrives. yes readers, i did receive ALL of the above items this week in the mail. my name is jana. i am a shopaholic. no, i do not wish to cure this.

another bit of happy mail: personal mail arriving at work. this happened twice this week! oh joyous week! the first was when the admin assistant brought me a piece of mail while i was on my lunch earlier this week. so exciting!! it was a card, addressed to moi!! yay! it was from my bff, which made it all the better because seeing the return address guaranteed that the card inside was beyond awesome (which it was). it's not pinned up on my bulletin board in my office. too fun.

i also received my mint shoes at work (see above for photo)... embarrassing. in case you haven't realized (which is doubtful if you've read ANY of my posts), i LOVE mint. seriously. extremely. so when i realized what was in the parcel, i squealed. i took off one shoe (beige) and put on one new shoe (mint) and then started jumping up and down (for those of you who know me, i know, a visual is easily appearing in your mind). THEN the vice-chairmen happened to arrive, and walk past my office, noticed my excitement, and came in to comment on my snazzy new shoes. THEN said he had an expert with him (his wife), and so i trotted to the entrance in one beige shoe and one mint. she shared in my delight. THEN we had to go show another employee, so down the hall i trekked, in one mint shoe and one beige. believe it or not, i work in a corporate office. very professional. i know, i'm lucky they accept and seem to like my quirkiness. otherwise how would i pay for all this happy-mail??



  1. shopaholic's disease should never be cured. many blog visuals, i'm laughing at my desk, haha

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