Tuesday, February 08, 2011


cardigan: pseudio; belt & lace shirt: ruche; pants: jacob; shoes & ring: aldo; necklace: american eagle; dog: mine :)

fyi: i love my shoes... new, but oh so vintagey. however, i did not actually wear them out in a good old northern new brunswick storm today... only for these pics, and to the office. canadian winters = uggs... and lots of them!

today i learned: not to shorten my lunch break in half in order to get ahead with filing... i ended up having to pull set files out for requested info... lesson learned.

i also learned not to commence a story, with the basis of this story being that for once, i wasn't a ditz, only to ruin that moral within the first 30 seconds of the story... for example: "hey know what?? so today when i was making my morning 'coffee' and waiting for it pour.... wait.... was that today or yesterday?? ... hmm... it must've been yesterday, because i was waiting for it by the machine, and today you (T, who i was telling said story to) were in the kitchen and i was walking around... right? so yea, yesterday, when i was waiting for my 'coffee', E was outside shoveling and he saw me through the window and tossed snow at the window, and i totally didn't jump!! well... i was proud of that until i started this story so horribly..."

yea... i WAS proud of that...

ps... 'coffee' is not actually 'coffee' per say, more of a yummy starbucks flavoured (caramel, mocha, or vanilla) instant coffee mixed with LOTS of flavoured creamer... yummmm....

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