Wednesday, February 09, 2011

workaholic much...

jacket: nixon; scarf: roots; jeans: ae; boots: uggs
my idol: mr alexander keith... maker of fine pale ale :)

cardi, skirt & tights: ruche; necklace: ae;
cutie pie: miss marissa

top, ring & cardi: ruche; skirt: aritzia; shoes: steve madden
sexy lady with me: my mudder

dress: ruche; scarf: jacob; jacket: le chateau; mitts: aritzia; boots: aldo
doggy: hendrix (mine); his collar: bullymart

dress & cardi: ruche;
handsome feller: godson avery <3

once upon a time i had enough time to have a social life and wear fun outfits, such as those shown above. times a change.... now i work 10 1/2 hours a day (most days, not all) to finish up audit stuff, deadlines, be a model employee... so on said days (like today), i don't take pictures of myself afterward, for obvious reasonsn (don't get me wrong, i love my job, and learn new things each day, which keeps it interestint). therefore, above photos are a few of my fave outfits.

i'll also blame the short post, and lack of interest, due to the fact that it's now 7:45pm, and my bed, kobo, and nachos with northumberland fat free salsa dip (yea right) are calling my name... which is great, since i missed zumba... yay laziness!!

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