Saturday, February 12, 2011


i had a great day yesterday... my outfit was cute and casual for friday... i get to work, and my boss had put chocolates on all of the girls desks the night before. a valentine's surprise. so exciting. not to mention they were my fave chocolates! and i just couldnt get over how cute that was. then i bit into one.... for those of you who dont know me, i like my office nice and toasty... so the chocolate??? uber melted. it squirted all over my clothes, cardigan, shirt and jeans...

home i go to change... (20 minute drive)... i get home, i dont have my house key. door is locked. no one's home. so i call my cousin/neighbour. she has a key to the front door... which isnt cleared... so through three feet of snow i treck... in the house i get.

get changed, back to work... it was just one of those days that after that, the day seemed long, everything went bad...

fortunately, i had an appointment to get my nails done, which always cheers me up!! (see photo above)... have i mentioned i LOVE mint?? and my esthetician is super fun and i always have a hilarious 2 hour chat with her. so it improved my friday.

as did finding these two items arrived in the mail: (except mine says Geeks)


instant friday improvement :)

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