Thursday, March 24, 2011

awkward & awesome... but mostly just awesome

blouse, vest: ruche, pants, sunglasses: gap, boots: aldo


- almost missing my chair (twice) when i went to sit down at my desk... it has a mind of it's own and likes to wheel away from me.

- being introduced "this is jana, she's single"... at the office... great.

- turning beet red when the above mentioned happened.

- my hair today.


- getting my nails done today!! mint gel AND mint/gold/silver combo sparkles!!! (see pic below)

- date night with the girlies tomorrow!!

- tomorrow is FRIDAY!! (it's been a LONG week)

- i have a hair appointment saturday! i'm so excited! i found a style last night, and decided i needed it ASAP! which is why my hair was a mess today. i'm going back to the side part, and i'm trying to train it. but yay! new hair!

- the cup of cake S. gave me today at work. so yum. and unexpected. surprise treats are the best!!

happy awkward & awesome thursday!!



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