Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what's in my bag...

what's in my awesome, ginormous ruche bag?? well, let me tell you:
- a hat, in case my messy hair gets messier
- pink swiss army knife (gift from melissa), for all of my mcgyver moments (and there are lots of those moments)
- bath and bodyworks winter candy apple hand sanitizing lotion (best. stuff. EVER!!)
- 8 lip glosses/lip balms, 1 lipstick. obsessed much??
- sunglasses, for my uber sensitive eyes
- blackberry, with tna case, for texting & bbming all you lucky people you
- mittens, because march is still winter in canada
- kobo!! with about 150 books programmed into it... (currently reading pride & prejudice)
- holga camera
- keys to the mazda 3 zoom zoom (aka alice) and work
- keys to the house and cottage (these keys now STAY in my purse at all times)
- 1 hair elastic, 4 bobby pins
- tylenol 1, for my many migraine moments
- wallet, which contains about 50 cards, 45 of those that probably never get used, lots of pennies, a few bills, another fancier bobby pin, and 3 of my already counted lipglosses
- 1 pink car dealership pen
- 1 pen from work (we're so snazzy)
- 1 mini escada moon sparkle perfume, in case i want to smell super yummy at a moments notice (aka when i see a cute guy)
- orange tic tacs (because i don't chew gum)
- not shown: several girly products, which stay zipped up in the back pocket, and didn't need to make an appearance on camera or my blog.



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  1. i find it so cute how you counted your bobby pins, lol...and i LOVE.THAT.BAG!!!