Wednesday, March 23, 2011

its hump day...

that picture up there... ghetto booty from all the shaking at zumba. i'm skipping tonight though in an effort to lose some ghetto-ness...

sunglasses: gap, cardi: pseudio, earrings & shoes: aldo, top, belt, skirt: ruche

happy hump day!! two more days until the weekend commences! sad that i'm already counting down the days... the song speaks the truth: working for the weekend.

on a sadder note: elizabeth taylor died today. this saddens my heart. she was the face of an era: a fashion icon, known for her extravagance... the name on so many fragrances, acted in over 50 movies, had 8 marriages, won 3 academy awards... and a very loud and successful voice for AIDS. she helped to raise millions of dollars for aids, a truly amazing effort. may she rest in peace, after so many years in a very bright spot light.



  1. love your cardi tucked in your skirt, very cute!!

    dizerab: you have the best word verifications

  2. Love this beauty of an outfit, the belt & floral print scarf are such gorg touches. AND so sad about Elizabeth Taylor, such an amazing woman. xx veronika