Tuesday, March 22, 2011

lets pretend...

run time! tank & shorts: lululemon, sneakers: reebok, bandage: gift, minieggs: ENERGY!
(the bandage didn't jump knees... the picture of just the knee is a mirror shot)

let's pretend it's a normal day, and my stomach isn't doing all sort of crazy flip flops... in our pretend world, i'd probably just be getting off the treadmill from a 4.5k run (working my way up to 5k). like two days ago, when i went for my last run. i'm such a slacker, fyi.

so two days ago, this was me getting ready to hit up the treadmill... with my bandaged knee and all. i'm a klutz, to be certain. i was excited to finally sport one of my bandages though. those puppies were a gift at christmas. i ended up with two different sets actually. you'd think everyone out there noticed my gracefulness. hehe i even sported that bandaid under my tights on sunday, but you didnt notice that in the pics, did you?? didn't think so.

so in my pretend world, i'm running. in my real world, i'm laying in bed, waiting for my stomach to feel like it wants to stay in my abdomen...

goodnight all!


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