Thursday, March 17, 2011

awkward & awesome... the green edition

top: ruche, cardi: costa blanca

first and foremost: happy st patricks day!! did you wear green today?? i did. twice in fact. i also had green beer! okay it was blueberry, and not green. but it was GOOD beer, okay??


- being told to mark "set 1 of 15" on some items... and doing so... and thinking "wow, they're getting 15 packages like this?? that's a lot of info"... nope, it was supposed to be "set 1 of 15, set 2 of 15, etc..." duh.

- sitting at the pub on st paddy's day (that's today!) under a balloon that's stuck on the wall. joking with best friend about said balloon, and what would happen if it were to fall on me. oh yea, then it happens! (hi, i have a phobia of busting balloons). pub is PACKED. naturally, i remain calm. i did not become super stiff in my chair, close my eyes, say "melissa, take the balloon, melissa, take the balloon...", turn beet red, have some sweat beads on my forehead... now reverse that, and thats exactly what i did.

- wiping out as i'm about to sit in my car, falling sideways, hitting my hip against the seat/door frame, and almost breaking a nail. thankfully no one witnessed this event... but it was still embarrassing.

- that it's st paddy's day and it's NOT storming! okay so maybe it's more weird than awkward... but really, it ALWAYS storms! freaky twilight zone stuff going on...


- mini egg season!! and having a stash in my desk, AND at home!

- mansberry beer!

- a day set aside to wear GREEN! AND drink beer!! (see note above)...

- date nights with melissa

- when avery grabs my face and smushes it with kisses... cutest. thing. ever.

- that tomorrow is friday. it's much needed.

happy st patrick's day everyone!!



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