Sunday, March 13, 2011

friday night date night

at PD attempting the map on the back of the placemat

oh yea, map genius i am... they should've framed this puppy

i also found the 9 castle differences... and doodled on my sailboat

food arrived!!

drinks at the Artisan!! yummy mansberry beer...


blurry dance party

top model meets blue steel

man socks with tights... i'm pure class.

blurry dance party part 2

my bestie & i

i <3 ave's teepee

on melissa: dress, cardi, crochet over-the-knee socks: ruche, bracelet: tiffanys
on moi: socks: roots, bracelet, dress, cardi, belt: ruche

friday night was a long overdue date night with melissa. i can't tell you the last night we did a date night just the two of us, and it was needed. we started out with supper at pizza delight, stopping in at the artisan for a beer (oh so yum), where we were mistaken for university students home on march break... i think its a compliment to be 29 & 30, and still mistaken for early 20s, right??

we then went back to melissa's for some margaritas (the light weight kind, because i'm a light weight) haha , took a few pics, browsed some new online clothing, changed into lululemons, and watched Get Him to the Greek... and man did we laugh! i recommend renting that if you haven't already seen it.

all in all, a fun girl night, which needs to be repeated more often.


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  1. your dance off pics are hilarious
    can't wait for trivia night!!
    i better get studying!!