Monday, March 14, 2011

the bangles said it best....

top, belt, shoes: ruche, cardi: pseudio, skirt: yesstyle

manic mondays... so popular even the bangles made a song about them... every monday, it's a hassle to get back into the groove of the week, to make a list of what needs to be done that day vs what can be spread out... today was one of those manic mondays where all i wanted to do was put the covers back over my head.

yesterday afternoon, after my 4.5k run, i ended up spending the better part of the day in bed, under the covers, hopped up on migraine meds. last night, it still wasn't totally gone. today, i had the hunger, bit of upset stomach, and still that lingering headache and sensitivity. it was a LONG day. especially when that kazoo song (who's name/artist i do not know, nor do i care to know) came on. on a good day, that song just kills me. today, it felt like it was literally vibrating off the interior of my skull. best part? when it was turned up. it was very tempting to smash my face off my (new & fantastic) desk.

half glass full: it's almost tuesday, and the manic mondays will be over for yet another week.


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  1. i think today was a maniac monday for everyone!

    ps. love love your outfit!!!