Monday, March 28, 2011

toes & tights

top, cardi, booties, belt: ruche, skirt: rickis, ring: aldo, necklace: ae

let me just say thank goodness for booties: my red-nail-polished big toe is currently protruding from my tights. and no, that does not mean these tights are ready for the garbage. it means they're in the "with boots & booties only" pile. classy.

and so it's monday again. work flew by (yay), and the office-mate and i both seemed to have a case of lack-of-sleep giggles ALL. DAY. LONG. not complaining though. it's better then when we're both cranky! so my weekend: busy, fun, then super sleep deprived and low key.

friday was date night with two of my fave ladies: melissa & ashley. we had a yummy supper, drinks, and went dancing... and wow. did we ever laugh. someone needs to open a trendier club around here. not that i'm a club-goer, i prefer pubs. but wow. did i mention we almost got jumped? yup, some girls were staring us down and giving us the stink eye. for sitting at a table, drinking our drinks, and laughing & dancing. bad.ass. we still had a blast though. i can't tell you the last time i laughed that much.

after getting in at 3:00am, and setting my alarm for an early 7:30 (hair apt at 9, and i felt the need to go into town for a mcd's breaky), that 4 hour sleep was just not enough. this is what getting old is people! i ended up crashing at around 3:00, and wasn't coherent again until the evening. bad choice. i couldnt sleep saturday night. so started (and finished) a new book i did. nightshade. awesome. i can't wait for the sequel. have i mentioned i like werewolves??

me & ash <3

melissa & i <3

seeing as it's monday, and i've been lazy, i'm off to get my workout by bringing in some bags of pellets.

happy monday!


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  1. your hair is insanely awesome

    van der douchhhhhhhhhhhhe