Tuesday, March 29, 2011

bradley cooper + snow white = TLA

earrings: gift from ash, cardi: pseudio, dress, booties, belt: ruche

tuesday: it's still blustery outside, albeit warmer than it has been the past few days. i ate mini eggs first thing this morning. and i don't mean two, i mean at least a handful. i was pranked again at work... i really do find it fun, but wow, maybe i should have dyed my whole head blond?? i'm still addicted to my newest read... which means a bubble bath and early bedtime tonight. so... on that note, i'm going to hit the treadmill... (i also browsed possibly beach/cottage wear - aka bathing suits - today... yep, that's motivation right there).

happy note: bradley cooper is single again! AND they're making two (TWO!!) snow white movies. i figure i'll get a casting call for at least one. and according to melissa, it's destined that once my snow-whiteness is on the big screen, b. coop will notice me, and we'll be the next hollywood hot stuff.

just saying.



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  1. you are going to be the next hollywood sensation!!

    mrs. jana cooper