Sunday, March 20, 2011

a spring sort of day...

dress, belt, cardi, boots: ruche, necklace: etsy

it feels like spring today!!! so beautiful out!! so i just HAD to wear a spring-ish outfit :)

my weekend was pretty low key... friday, i actually fell asleep reading at around 7:30pm... i know, pretty disgraceful. and even worse: i slept until 9:30am! a whopping 14 hours! what's up with that??

saturday merited two trips to bathurst: one for a little shopping with mom. i bought the new the new escada perfume (which i buy every year), and ordered a gold guess boyfriend watch. very excited. the second trip was to the movies. yes readers, i finally got to see Red Riding Hood. verdict: not scary, but pretty awesome. i loved the story, the plot, and the ending. i'm tempted to go see it a second time.

today was my cousin's baby shower. lots of balloon busting... i hid out in the kitchen for a while... i'm not proud, but it had to be done.

that's it for my weekend. back to the grind tomorrow. did i show you my "new" nails? mint green, with sparkles? "new" as in 2 weeks old, and the regrowth is terrible. can't wait to have them redone this week!! i love being a girly girl.


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