Thursday, April 21, 2011

awkward & awesome

its that day again!! awkward and awesome!! i've been stashing up little tidbits for this day ALL WEEK!


- that i thought 'nice shoes' actually meant i had nice shoes. especially since i do. have nice shoes that is.

- house sitting: it's time for bed, i hear a noise (which scares me), then the phone rings once... not long enough to show up on the caller id... so i boot'er outta there super fast and drive home. i'm not so brave without a hendrix to protect me.

- not being allowed to hold the popcorn anymore...


- that it's thursday!

- and a super long weekend!!

- which includes a lil romantic getaway!! :)

- and i get to see him today!

- and vampire diaries is on tonight!

- AND the new hp came to dvd this week, so guess what sunday night is?? hp snuggles night!!

- that my man ACTUALLY likes hp and it's not a struggle to get him to watch it with me.

happy easter weekend!!



1 comment:

  1. how did i miss this post?
    and how haven't you told me the house sitting story??