Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hey sailor, need a lift?

top & skirt: le chateau, shoes, belt, knee socks: ruche, watch: guess

"hey sailor, need a lift?"... quote from one of my favourite old school movies... meatballs four! i used to watch this movie (a la vhs style) over and over with some of my besties (melissa being one of those besties). i think it's time i find that dvd and add it to my old school faves collection of geeky movies!!

since i started working at the port, i love ship/boat/nautical inspired clothing. just love it! i think it's one of those moments where it's proof i love my job, because it even inspires my wardrobe!

on an un-inspirational thought... it's snowing. in april. not unheard of in NB of course... it's actually quite common. especially easter week/weekend... but still... it's spring!

so, on that note, i'll leave you with some photos of what i do considering to be inspiring, and lovely... my lovey dovey puppers, hendrix, who decided to join me in my mini-shoot today

j. and henny


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    i spent like ten minutes trying to find some quotes luck. now i want to watch it and give the internet some quotes!! the pics of you and hen!