Tuesday, April 19, 2011

nice shoes

cardi, belt: ruche, top: cassis, pants: gap, shoes: april in paris, necklace: etsy

...apparently a compliment isn't just a compliment anymore... or so i've learned today. it isn't my fault... i mean, yes, i am gullible, and naive, and perhaps a tad bit on the ditsy side. BUT i can't help it that my shoes actually are nice. and that's an understatement! they're amazing! gorgeous! classic!! i've gotten tons of compliments on these shoes!! ... although now i'm reevaluating which compliments were actually on the shoes themselves.

i'm also a little bit deflated now that i realize people do not necessarily think my shoes are as amazing as i thought... :(

for those of you who aren't familiar with the compliment "nice shoes"... feel free to do as i did, and check urban dictionary (parental guidance advised... vulgar language).

i almost saved this story for awkward & awesome thursday... but no worries, there will be some tidbits added to it regarding this post... just another day in my life!!

but really, aren't these NICE???



  1. i'm still laughing at our convo about this today.

    for the record: nice shoes, and i do not want to get you in bed.

    ok, maybe a little!!

  2. i think everyone's going to be laughing about this convo for a while... seriously, i should be ALL blond. :/