Monday, April 18, 2011

trusty & reliable... outfit that is.

this photo (see above) is 'inspired' by melissa's "off with her head" post!
(and by inspired, i mean my tripod dropped)

top, belt, booties: ruche, cardi: costa blanca, skirt: rickis, watch: guess

question: how bad is it that it's monday and i already have a list for awkward and awesome thursday?? (most of it is leaning toward the awkward side of things)....

i'm in super need of a wardrobe night this week... it's something i tend to do every couple of weeks, go through my closet and switch around my key pieces to make some new outfits. because let's face it... at 6:30am, i'm just really not that creative, and i tend to grab my safe outfits, that i've already worn... multiple times. but hey, it's new to you guys!! that's what counts, right??

ps... sorry for the lack of originality/creativity in the pics today... i'm home alone, and it's crazy windy outside... so it was an indoor tripod kind of day. :(



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  1. we should have wear-drobe date nights!!!!!