Thursday, April 14, 2011

rain rain go away... no wait, come back!!

top, booties & necklace: ruche, skirt & tank: aritzia

this morning was a very rainy day indeed. rainboots and my raincoat were a necessity. but did i mind?? not at all... it helps to melt the last of the snow!! not that i dislike snow, i love it. i wouldn't be happy without my canadian winters. but come april, i'm ready for spring and all that it entails. i'm very excited for green grass, peonies, tulips, apple blossoms... and let's not forget... allergy season!!

so it's that day again... awkward and awesome!! so let's get to it...


- mailing something to someone within the office, with no actual address on it, and it being returned. maybe i need a bigger blonde spot??

- dropping 3/4 bag of a large popcorn on the movie theatre floor, in slow motion... oopsie!!

- getting super excited when someone compliments my nails... and people noticing my excitement, and laughing... (i really can't blame them).

- pda's... i turn super red and get uber shy for even a little peck... and he notices this, so a second peck is given. double awkward. but in a good way.

- these pictures... i wouldn't even post them, except that since it's awkward thursday, it'd be wrong not to:


- the movie Hop... and sharing my dill pickly popcorn before i spilled it.

- my rockstar dog (seen above)... seriously, he's awesome. he snuggles, and inches up closer and closer in bed until his head is on the pillow. and he's out of his terrible two's (finally). love him.

- geek glasses, and geek accessories. too fun.

- that next weekend is a long weekend and all that's included in long weekend fun!! :)

- my stash of crispy minis and mini eggs at work.

happy awkward and awesome day!!




  1. and the long weekend means me and you in a jacuzzi in moncton!! woohoo!!!! miss u !!xoxo

  2. oh and i might love you too.